200 Years of Experience

Keystone Profiles is a merger of two companies, both formed more than a century ago. One of the companies, the original Union Drawn cold finish plant in Beaver Falls, PA was founded in 1892. It was eventually purchased by Republic Steel and became known for its large size range, producing rectangular and square shapes, as thick as five inches and as wide as 14 inches.

The second company, Pittsburgh Tool Steel, was founded in 1902 and built a reputation for cold drawing special shapes with extremely tight tolerances and unmatched precision. The company made custom shapes in a wide variety of materials --- from basic carbon steels to stainless and tool steels. It employed a number of skilled die makers and had complete in-house tooling capabilities.

Keystone Profiles incorporates the best aspects of both companies — the precision, close tolerances and technical skills of Pittsburgh Tool Steel with the strong manufacturing and larger size capabilities of the Republic Technologies cold-finish plant. We supply customers in more than 50 SIC categories --- virtually every industry in which high-quality parts with precise tolerances are critical, or where cost and time savings in parts production is important. Our markets include: aerospace, medical, dental, hand tools, automotive, safes and vaults, power generation and large equipment manufacturers, and producers of armament and munitions.