The Benefits of Cold Drawing

High quality
Increased mechanical properties
Improved machinability
Longer tooling life
Tighter dimensional tolerances
- - Cold drawn tolerances as close as .0003 inch vs. hot rolled only to .060 inch

Better surface finish
- - Cold drawn finish as good as 63 RMS vs. hot rolled to only 250-plus RMS
More consistency of dimensions (bar-to-bar and end-to-end)
Tighter straightness tolerances matched to your specifications

Why You Should Consider Cold Drawn Special Profiles
Precision cold drawn products not only provide significant cost and time savings, they can also save you significant capital and labor costs. You should consider precision cold drawn products if you are:
having a difficult time making a product
working with a material that is difficult to shape or form
ready to replace worn-out machines, retool or add capacity
using your part-making equipment infrequently, and you can't justify the expense
able to benefit from the reduced machining you get with near net shapes
unable to find the skilled craftsmen to produce precision, high-quality parts

Reduce Your Parts Production Costs By Up To 70 Percent
If you're using machined parts or making your own, you can save up to 70 percent of your production costs by switching to cold drawn, custom profile shapes. Simply specify the exact solid bar shape you need, then cut off the parts as you need them. You minimize or eliminate machining, hand operations and scrap loss. Our cold drawn parts are so precise, that often the only additional processing required is drilling, tapping, threading or countersinking.