Delivering What
You Value Most

A survey of our customers identified these four critical needs:
High quality
A wide variety of products, grades, sizes and conditions
Special needs
Timely, reliable delivery

Here's how we meet those needs.

Exceptionally Tight Tolerances,
Even KEYSTOCK Quality
Flats, Squares, Hexagons and Octagons, all available in a variety of materials.
Extremely close tolerances --- as tight as .0003 inch
Tighter tolerances, including flats and squares produced to "KEYSTOCK" quality (Oversize) specifications.
Corners drawn to specific customer needs.
– Sharp corners
– Radius corners
Surface finishes that are defect-free, with an RMS of 63 or better

We can produce exactly the shape you need, in lengths up to 42 feet. We have a team of professional die makers who have crafted dies for more than 6,000 different shapes. If they see a way to improve your product, they'll work directly with your technical personnel to enhance, or optimize, the design. Once they make a die, they work directly with our operators to assure the finished product meets your exact specifications.

The Widest Size Range in the Industry;
Materials From the Most Basic to the Most Difficult
We have the capability to produce the widest range of sizes in the industry:
Special profiles: .020 inch through 25 sq. inches
Flats: thicknesses 1/16 inch through 5 inches; widths 1/8 inch through 14 inches
Squares: 1/16 inch through 5 inches
Hexagons: .028 inch through 4 inches
Lengths: up to 42 feet

We can produce shapes and materials that others won't even attempt. We work with:
Carbon steels
Commercial quality alloys
Aircraft quality alloys
Bearing quality alloys
Stainless steels
Tool steels
High-speed steels
High-strength steels


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